French Choir--Washington, DC
Contact: 571.699.8024

The French Choir of Washington

conducted by Simon Charette

Contact: (571) 699-8024

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

As a recent addition to the Washington music scene, the French Choir of Washington is dedicated to the performance of primarily French-language choral pieces of various epochs and genres. Its forty or so amateur members are united by their enjoyment of singing diverse types of compositions in a friendly, sociable atmosphere. Its purpose is to establish itself as a valuable contributor to the expansion of francophone culture throughout the D.C. area, and beyond.


LEGAL STATUS: The French Choir of Washington is a non-profit organization established under Maryland law, dedicated to promote local artists and French language music. The funds it collects through donations and ticket sales go to help finance current concerts and prepare future ones, as well as to support fundraising efforts by such entities as schools and churches hosting the concerts.


Led by its artistic director Simon Charette, the French Choir of Washington has quickly made an impact in late 2022, with holiday concerts in the North Bethesda Methodist Church and the Église Protestante Francophone de Washington. Pieces ranged from Charpentier’s 17th century Kyrie to the classic Christmas hymn Minuit, Chrétiens. And in March 2023 the FCW participated, at the French Embassy, in the « Nuit des Chœurs » Concert for the Festival de la Francophonie,

As we endeavor to bring a variety of French classical, sacred, romantic and contemporary choral music to our repertoire, the coming year will see a further mix of genres (and languages). For example, alongside Charles Trenet’s whimsical Le Soleil et la Lune, director Charette is presenting such diverse numbers as Little David, Play on Your Harp, Poulenc’s Gloria and Shostakovich’s Valse no. 2. See our coming events in our Concerts page.

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Here’s a great opportunity : if you speak French, even just a bit, and like singing in the language, join us ! The weekly rehearsals in Bethesda, MD, are conducted in French in an accessible way to most anyone who enjoys the language and the musical culture. Just get in touch by filling out this FORM.


We gratefully acknowledge the supporters, benefactors and sponsors who help us in our fundraising. Please take a glance at our Sponsors and Contacts section, you will be astonished at their diversity!


You can also contact us if you wish to hire the Choir, for example for a fundraiser! You may be a school administrator, a church representative, or an event organizer for any number of clubs or associations. Feel free to Email.